How to make your own theme for android phone and cutify your instagram theme?

hey dolls,

After watching some ”What’s on my phone tag” video on youtube….

i found that most of the gals have a pink theme on their phone.

Therefore, I’ve been working on my cute pink phone theme for few hours today…

AND finally i got this result!!

i’m so excited about it and i really wanna share with others!!!

okay,let me just cut the crap first:-P

(P.S:my phone model is Samsung galaxy note 2 and my Android version is 4.1.2)

PLZ excuse my poor English:'(

SO…first of all,

You’re going to download the app called ”phone theme shop”


You can find a lot of widget as well!!like calendar,facebook theme,icon pack….etc

Some of them are written in Korean where i’m not completely understand at first,but after an hour later…i found that it had so much fun to play with!!

For the launcher,i sincerely suggest you to download the one called ”Dodol Launcher”.


because it’s so easy to use!!

For the pink status bar,

I’ve download the one called  ”omega status bar”(old version,coz only the old version can made the status bar that cute:-P) !AND I’ve purchased the pink theme in some online store!

HOWEVER, if you have some problem on buying the pink status bar online…then you can email me. I can send it to you for free:-) (p.s:i’ll send the ”old omega status bar” apk to you as well)

my email:

but here is one thing…i found that after i installed the omega status bar,some of the notification (such as whatsapp…) wouldn’t pop up on the status bar anymore…..:'(yet,i think it’s still worth it!! BECAUSE they are so damn cute:-P


btw if you are not 100% in fond of the icon pack that you found on ”phone theme shop”

you can go ahead and download ”cocoppa”


On cocoppa,you can design your own icon♥

but frankly speaking, i’m too lazy to design my own 😛


For the instagram theme,

Sadly,there are not much free theme for android phone…:-(

but still,i found two lovely instagram theme on

Thanks to ♥♥

um…i’m kinda tired now….and i have no idea if people could read my blog:'(

BUT anyway,

if you’re having trouble on cutify(is that even a word?@@) your phone…

plz feel feel to let me know and i’ll try my best to help you.




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